30 Sept 2009 – You become momentous.

October 1, 2009 § 2 Comments

It was 10 degrees cooler today. I went outside and imagined fall. Fall was happening in other places. In my mind I could see leaves.  They overhung the five falls of the Chattooga River. Here it was just cooler. I went to get the paper. I’d been up since 6 writing. For some reason I was pissed about something.

Later Layla and I went to the beach. There was an offshore wind blowing. Tiny mini-barrels formed in the shorebreak. I pointed to them and told her ‘tubitos.’ On the ride over we’d been listening to Alan Watts. It was a lecture from the 1960s about zen.  He described how you could drift with all of the current. When it happened, “you become momentous.” It seemed like I could feel that Layla was calm and happy in the backseat.

Now we were in the little tubes. Layla wanted me to carry her out further where there were pelicans. “When you get too close they swim away,” I said. We tried going under a few times. Layla is not afraid of the water.


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