3 Sept 2009 – the perfect blog

September 4, 2009 § 4 Comments

1. There is no perfect blog, but if there were, it might be something like  hesitant scribe.  This was Lisa Ratcliffe’s blog. Lisa was a woman dying of cancer and still trying to raise a family, still trying to write a novel, and putting all of it out there for whoever wanted to read it.

2. This from one of the last blog posts she’d ever write:

Why feel such a need to commit to paper these thoughts, these micro-flashes of electrical energy in a brain that now contains a tumorous mass which threatens to undermine whole heaps (now that scares me senseless ! )  of mental faculty, sending Lisa to the bin.

( So then I breathe really deep – and remind myself that  The Universe has never let me down yet and never will , so it’s okay.  I’ll get out everything I need to – we’ll see, honest.  Have faith.  Cool calming, reassuring faith : it will be okay ).

Such a lot to say; please forgive me if  I get sidetracked a bit !! )

Oh, yes !  So why write ?!

Is it like those women of old – wanting to preserve for posterity, a record of what my life was like for my girls – so they may be strong , and forceful , and strike a balance between their femininity ( they are both sooo beautiful ! ) and their strength (we all have quite a mannish side too I think ) , so they can see – This is perhaps the reason for ALL my writing ha ! ha ! –  that in life, things happen, and we’re all on a road going along, totally blind, and things happen and we think – Oh God !  This is so bad I cannot live with it/through it/past it/etc.  It’s the end of my road – or even just wanting it to be so, but stay on the road. . .

3. Sometimes I can’t believe the things I get upset at.

4. On Lisa’ blog there’s a clock that’s still running.


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