30 Aug 2009: notes on disconnection

August 31, 2009 § 4 Comments

1. Layla, Lau, and Grandma + the dogs in the living room with “Sex in the City” on.  One of Sarah Jessica Parker’s frienda (the slutty one, “Samantha”) is on the screen in bed with with a guy post-coital. She says “I have no connection to my life here.”

2. Two nights ago there was a space shuttle launch at Canaveral. You could see it from here. My dad and I both talked about it, but then he watched a couple hours of NFL and went to bed. On the other TV, my mom fell asleep watching Ted Kennedy memorial coverage.

3. Behind the garage doors in this subdivision are retired men reloading ammo, waxing yellow Lamborghinis, and tossing their wives’ discount White Zinfandel and Diet Coke bottles into the recycling.

4. Research scientists are about to release a new study indicating that healthy mothers who choose not to breastfeed otherwise healthy babies create a hormonal reaction in their [the mothers’] bodies that “unknowingly simulates child loss.”

5. “I just wanted my body back,” she said.

“I like my girls dolled-up,” he said.

6. Layla hasn’t had to wear diapers in more than 6 months but since we’ve been here she’s started wetting her pants.

7. Today my mom saw Layla and I eating watermelon out by the pool and ran out: “CAN’T YOU DO ANYTHING WITHOUT MAKING A MESS!”  Later I tried to talk to her. I told her that she’s causing so much stress.  “Can’t you see how Layla moves away sometimes when your walk into a room all angry?”

8. I’ve been trying to talk to her for 30 years.


§ 4 Responses to 30 Aug 2009: notes on disconnection

  • Lauren Quinn says:

    oh, fragmented prose, you get me every time…
    (this is awesome, a pleasure to read. can’t wait for more!)

  • Agustina says:

    This resonates so much with my life right now, I can totally connect with what you are feeling.

    For Erik’s birthday I baked for him a cake, the same cake his great grandmother used to bake for his birthday and that for the last 20 years he has been lamenting that nobody made it again after she died because everyone just scattered and disconnected. So I made the cake, and invited his family to share it with us, I set up a table and made some coffee. For me, the meeting was inconsequential, boring even, I spent the whole time remembering how much more fun his last birthday was, how we invited all our friends and made 40 home made pizzas and brownies and chocotorta. 20 minutes after our guests left, we received the first call of many, one by one they all called to say how much fun they have had and how great it was to just seat there with the family and just talk and share, they all found it soothing and relaxing and enjoyable. But they never got together like that again, apparently, we have to wait until Christmas.

    No se por que conteste en ingles!

    • davidmiller72 says:

      thanks for sharing this–en ingles o espanol.

      sometimes just bringing everyone together for a minute is harder than anything else.

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