28 Aug 2009 – And then the fear.

August 28, 2009 § 6 Comments

And then the next night there’s a little fluid. Not blood, but something dark grey. Lau super scared. This was 3:00 am. It didn’t seem like the beginning of a miscarriage–that’s something you would just have to know–but we’re both feeling alone and not sure about anything. I was wearing my headlamp so we wouldn’t wake up Layla. It seemed like we were camped out in a hotel, a foreign place.

“I’m not ready for this,” Lau said.

I told her it would be alright.

This morning we found out this kind of fluid loss is ‘normal’ in the first weeks of a pregnancy.

She just needs to rest in the bed and make sure there’s no increase.

This morning I asked Layla if she understood what was going on, and that Mamá needed to rest. She said “yes.  “Mama baby.” She pointed to her stomach, then my stomach, then her doll Tall Guy’s stomach.

“I need you to be a big girl now,” I said.

“Layla big,” she said.


§ 6 Responses to 28 Aug 2009 – And then the fear.

  • Paola says:

    Hi, I hope everything goes well with Lau, give her a big hug from me. Layla is a great little person, so sweet.

  • davidmiller72 says:

    Thanks Paola. I think we’re ok. Appreciate you following the blog.

  • Agustina says:

    Pasamos por lo mismo, muchas veces. Es muy emotionally draining, pero arriba el animo que esta todo bien!

  • Vanessa says:

    Hola Gringo, sorry but I think you already know that´s your nickname in the FN tribe, don´t you?
    Well, just to show you my support to your beautiful family, I´m sure that was pretty scary and I´m happy to know Lau is feeling better and everything is all rihgt. Please receive our prayers, all our good vibes and love for the beautiful soul you´ve brought into this world.

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